Stripping & Refinishing

Weather your facility has 2,000 sq. feet or 250,000 square feet of hard surface flooring we at Texas F.S.S. have the solution.

Texas F.S.S. handles a large variety of hard surface flooring. Stained cement, vinyl tile, permasheen Tile, Roppe Tile etc.

We have the knowledge to know if it is a rubber based flooring to use a conditioner to clean and never floor finish.

Various brushes; for polishing and for stripping, From flagged horse hairs to nylo-grit poly-bristles.

Various Floor polishing pads, from natural to poly-fibres.

We have various equipment that can do large jobs in a more timely and cost efficient manner.

Fans to dry the floor and finishes

Wet / Dry Vacuums to retrieve the solutions.

Various applicators, from lamb’s wool to spray pumping systems.