While being a topic most people do not want to talk about let alone clean.

Texas F.S.S. specializes in getting the best out of your facilities lavatories’

Our hygiene technicians are skilled at identifying and eliminating contamination on all of your porcelain fixtures, including urinals, toilets and sinks.

We strip down, scrape and de-scale the urinals and toilets to remove any uric acid, mold and mildew. We apply that same detail to other high-contact areas like faucet handles, flush handles, door knobs and stall latches, so you can be confident that all of the surfaces your patrons and employees are likely to touch have been sanitized by a professional. We put urinal screens in place to keep debris from causing plumbing problems, and we replace them on a routine basis with fresh deodorized screens to maintain the restrooms’ fresh appearance.