Regardless of the amount of traffic flow your Facility has, Texas F.S.S., L.L.C. has the ability to address all of your cleaning needs.

Your Employees and Guest deserve a clean, healthy aesthetically pleasing environment.

From entering a doorway with clean handles to using the Restrooms with a clean floor, the impressions that your facility has reflects on the business it completes.

We look at the cleaning as a way to make not only you shine but, your building as well.

We handle spaces from Labs to Hangar Floors. Regardless of your needs, we have the ability to make you shine!

Public areas are the main flow of traffic in your building, including but not limited to your entry doors, Hallways and Restrooms. They are the main areas where visitors’ Impressions are made.

Offices, cubicles, workstation’s and conference rooms are the workhorse of the office space and are where the work is done. Warehouse and storage areas are where the product is kept before sale.

Regardless of the area, we have the expertise it takes to not only clean it, but maintain it!

We train out cleaning care partners with various methods, from hands on to a computerized system produced by Spartan Cleaning Company.

We offer:

  • nightly service
  • One-time cleaning
  • Carpet extraction and maintenance
  • All hard surface flooring

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